Mobile Money Transfer: Send Money Abroad on the Go

We live in an increasingly interconnected world, thanks to the advancements of digital technology. Global communication is so much faster, cheaper and more accessible. The same now applies our finances. Did you know you can make a mobile money transfer abroad using global remittance app?

We explore the benefits of using a mobile remittance app to send money abroad and why it’s the modern solution for the worldwide diaspora community.

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Do you use your mobile to send money abroad?

If you’re not currently using your mobile for international remittance, it’s worth considering the various benefits of using a mobile money service. FinTech companies have been working hard in recent years to make it easier to send transfers overseas, quickly and securely. Now there are much better options available to the diaspora community across the globe, including online remittance platforms and money transfers apps.

Are you using your smartphone for mobile banking? Money transfer apps are just as convenient. They are fast, easy to use and more secure than ever.

Money transfer apps: The modern remittance solution

People have been sending money back home to family abroad for years, using traditional methods of remittance, such as wiring money abroad using remittance agents or going to banks to arrange transactions to other countries and currencies.

Modern money remittance app

Online banking and digital remittance services have made financial processes and transactions more efficient, less time-consuming and ultimately, less stressful. And you can use your mobile to carry out transactions, thanks to FinTech integrations with financial institutions to create finance-related apps. There are apps for everything these days, including global remittance.

Money transfer apps have changed the remittance landscape and are now meeting the demand for fast and secure money transfers abroad.

Benefits of using a mobile money transfer service

So, what are the main benefits of using remittance apps to make a mobile money transfer to loved ones abroad? Here are the key benefits:

  • Speed – mobile money transfer apps are a quick and easy way to send money abroad.
  • Convenience – send money abroad in minutes at home or on the go
  • Flexibility – choose your preferred transfer method and the payout options that best suit your recipients
  • Cost-efficiency – remittance apps save you time and money on global transfers
  • Enhanced security – most money transfer apps use the latest data protection tools and offer eWallet features which add another layer of security to your transactions
  • User-friendliness – mobile remittance apps like TalkRemit are easy to use, intuitive and streamlined to make sending money abroad super-simple.

You can send money via your mobile to countries all across the globe. Check out which destinations you can transfer money to via TalkRemit.

TalkRemit: Hassle-free mobile money transfers

At TalkRemit, we want to make the process of sending money abroad as easy as possible for our users. We’ve designed our money transfer app with the user experience in mind, making it fast, flexible and simple to use. TalkRemit is also the cheapest way to send money abroad. Our customers get the most competitive exchange rates on global money transfers our remittance fees are the lowest on the market!

We enable you to send money abroad via credit card, debit card or mobile wallet, and you can make mobile money transfers to bank accounts, cash pickup locations and other mobile wallets.

Want a see how our hassle-free remittance app works? Take a look at our short video:


Learn more about TalkRemit’s money transfer app on our website or download the app via the App Store or Google Play.

TalkRemit is a fully-licensed Electronic Money Institution (EMI) regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). You can currently send money abroad from TalkRemit’s money transfer app if you live in the UK, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, Ireland, Spain, Bulgaria, France, Finland, Croatia, Austria, Greece, Portugal, Malta and Cyprus. More sender countries are to be launched soon. If you have any questions about TalkRemit, head to our FAQ page or get in contact with our friendly Customer Service Team.