How to Send Money Online Safely and Securely

If you are looking for a modern, reliable remittance solution for sending money to loved ones abroad, there is a range of online platforms and mobile apps available to the global diaspora community. In this blog, we explore the key benefits of online money transfer platforms and discuss how to send money online safely and securely to family back home.

Send Money Online Safely And Securely

Why use an online money transfer service?

Online remittance platforms and global money transfer apps are the future for the diaspora community around the world. It’s time to ditch the bank queues and move on from outdated methods of remittance. Online money transfer services are a faster and more convenient solution to your remittance needs. They also offer smaller fees and better exchange rates than many traditional methods of sending money abroad.

There is an array of online money transfer solutions on the market that offer users different benefits, serve different countries and come with various pros and cons, depending on your unique requirements, preferences and lifestyle.

When considering how to send money online to family abroad and which money transfer service to use, you should expect robust security and data protection tools from your chosen provider.

FinTech solutions and enhanced cybersecurity

FinTech solutions & cybersecurity for money transfers

Today’s global remittance solutions enable users to make rapid money transfers to countries around the world, without lengthy delays or hefty fees. This is due to innovative FinTech solutions that are meeting the demands of an increasingly mobile and interconnected society.

Money transfer platforms like TalkRemit take the hassle out of sending money abroad. They offer speed, convenience and security. We use market-leading technology to enable faster payment processing and enhanced threat protection tools, bolstering cybersecurity, protecting users against new threats and keeping their data and money safe.

Payment protection and compliance

Compliance is key to giving online money transfer platform users peace of mind. Look out for assurances around payment protection and compliance with industry regulations when exploring how to send money online using a global remittance platform.

Your money is in safe hands with TalkRemit. Our payment processing engine meets PCI-DSS compliance standards, meaning you can rest assured that your payment card details are protected. TalkRemit is a fully-licensed EMI (Electronic Money Institution), regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK. Our system is operated using high-grade SSL encryption and firewalls to ensure data is transmitted safely.

Trusted remittance partners

Trust is very important when using a money transfer service. People get comfortable using certain services and brands. For example, many people use the same bank throughout their lives. So, using a new remittance service can be daunting, especially when you and/or your recipients are used to doing things a particular way.

Finding an online money transfer service you can trust is not easy. In a previous blog, we discussed the key trust factors that people look for from a remittance service. Take a look: How to Transfer Money Online in Minutes to Family Abroad.

People want reliability, transparency and guarantees that their data is processed responsibility and their money is delivered securely. We only partner with trusted remittance service providers and tech solutions, and all transfers with TalkRemit are covered by a 100% money-back guarantee.

Using a money transfer app and mobile wallet

Secure online money transfer app

If you use your smartphone for online banking, buying products and various other services, a money transfer app is likely to be your best solution for sending money to loved ones abroad.

Mobile apps are quick, convenient and enable users to transfer money on the go. There are lots of other benefits too, like using a mobile wallet for added security and faster transfers, tracking your transfers and getting handy receipts and notifications.

With TalkRemit, our user-friendly money transfer app sends instant receipts and gives you full visibility on transfers. You can create a secure mobile wallet using our eWallet feature and enjoy free instant messaging and video calling with our Chat feature – remittance and communication combined!

This handy video explains how to send money online to family abroad using the TalkRemit app:

How to send money online with TalkRemit

TalkRemit is the fast, flexible and hassle-free money transfer service, enabling the diaspora community around the globe to send money online to loved ones back home, quickly and securely. Our platform is easy to use, has flexible payout options and offers the lowest money transfer fees on the market!

No other money transfer app offers both global remittance services and native instant messaging capabilities. We help people to send money abroad with ease and stay connected with family and friends, all from one app. Learn more about how TalkRemit works and how easy online money transfers can be with our user-friendly platform!

Register a free TalkRemit account via our website or download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

Want to know where you can send money to using TalkRemit? If you’re based in the UK, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belgium or Germany, you can use TalkRemit to send money abroad to a wide range of destinations worldwide. Check out our list of countries you can send money to using TalkRemit’s online remittance platform and money transfer app. If you need help or have any questions, head to our FAQ page or contact our Customer Service Team.